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            Potassium superoxide

            Product Description

            Another name : Potassium dioxide
            Chemical formula: KO2
            Molecular weight: 71.0783
            CAS: 12030-88-5
            The physical and chemical properties
            Appearance : yellow powder.
            Melting point: 546 ℃
            Density: 2.14g /cm3
            Stability: stable, but will react violently with water, separated from fuel, organic matter, strong reducing agent, strong acid, active metal powder.
            Water solubility: Reacts with water to form a soluble substance.
            Storage precautions: the warehouse is ventilated and dry at low temperature, and stored separately with fuel and organic matter.
            Application field

            Using potassium superoxide reaction with water vapor or carbon dioxide to liberate oxygen characteristics, mainly used for the preparation of a variety of chemical oxygen, for the use of various isolation type gas mask and air in confined space environment regeneration, especially potassium superoxide products as chemical oxygen is widely used in aerospace, submarine voyage, mining self-rescuer, seabed exploration, plateau operations, fire emergency, etc.

            Storage conditions
            Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. The storage temperature should not exceed 37°C. It should be stored separately from oxidizer and edible chemicals, and must not be mixed. Keep container sealed.

            Extinguishing: use water mist, dry powder, foam or carbon dioxide to extinguish fire. Avoid using straight running water to extinguish fires. Straight running water may cause splashes of flammable liquids and spread the fire.

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